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Since 1997 “La Raboterie” has been working on furniture and sculptures as well as furniture restoration of antiquities and handmade sculptures.
Se restore block and inlaid furniture, rebuilding the missing parts and using the original techniques: bone glue, shellac and wax for finishing.
We restore furniture, cupboards, cradles, beds – wax and wick cleaning and polishing.
We rebuild missing parts of sculptures, friezes, antiquities parts, reproducing the missing part as well as the finishing and the colour.
We decorate on old furniture.
Pieces can be restored in lab but also at your home, depending on the customers’ requests and needs.

Nativity Church – Trana – main door restoring and bronze tiles – Turin (Italy) – 2012
The main door is in walnut and it has got two layers: external structure and internal wooden boards.
For the wooden part it is to be depainted, cleaned and rebuilt in parts of moulding.
The four layers of paint are eliminated manually.
The wooden part of the main door was painted using wood coating.
Metal panels were then substituted with bronze tiles in low relief representing 8 out of 12 Virgin Mary’s privileges – designed and handmade by architect and sculptor Maria Primolan.

Pedestrian Entrance – roof remake in Coazze – Turin – Italy
Pedestrian Entrance – roof remake in Liberty Style “Jugendstil” in 1910’s villa, designed by engineer Gribodo.

Missing wooden block remake in 1700’s trumeau
Missing wooden block remake using walnut and ebony – thickness: 3 mm.
Bone glue, shellac and wax for finishing.

Walnut wardrobe restoring
Bone glue, shellac and wax for finishing.

Missing parts of sculptures remake
Wooden model design and creation used in order to obtain the cast and then the bronze melting.
The model reproduces the missing frieze composed of laurel oak leaves and ribbon to be put in the upper part around the clock-face.
First the frieze is tested and then it is melted.

Writing Desk restoring
Walnut writing desk veneered in briar-root.

Gangway remake

Dresser and Drawers restoring – marble effect colouring
Marble effect colouring
Wax for finishing.

La Raboterie
di Gregorio Balestra, Via Ratti  8, 10090, Trana, Torino Italia
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