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The domino range currently features 9 models produced in limited series of 200 pieces that have been branded on the inside. The use of different colour combinations and wood types makes each of the 200 pieces in each model truly unique. The concept behind to the Domino Range is a total rethink of conventional objects, such as the box containing the dominoes. The result is a novel way of translating this object into a new form that is more akin to sculpture, to the design object, making it more suitable to become part of the furniture rather than being put away in a drawer.

The idea of the traditional game, handcrafted in wood combines with the concept of the design object, for pleasurable contact with nature, its fragrances and textures. To be played alone or in company of others. We have chosen the domino game which is enveloped by a magic that will never disappear and is the perfect fit for our sculptural creativity. Each individual piece has a story and a name that reflects it. Inspiration is derived from sculpture of the past as well from more modern forms, and gives birth to characters that are often truly fascinating.

We use a range of high quality woods such as walnut, chestnut, beech, and fragrant cedar. The warm colours of the variuos types of wood are matched with the utmost care and creativity in a way that always ensures that special contrast , nuance or vein. We sometimes use woods that derive from other craftwork, in line with a recycling work ethic of striving to avoid wasting such a precious resource. Our domino are hand crafted and hand decorated using pyrography and carving techniques. The techniques we apply respect the natural qualities of the wood - the way is pleasant to touch and to look at - by using natural finishes that preserve its live, warm, look and feel.

These pieces are produced in small, numbered series. Being handcrafted, they are subject to slight variations in colour, shape and size.

These products are shipped with the rules of the domino game and a wooden container for the larger pieces.

There is a possibility to customize pieces of domino game: with colors, drawings dominoes,  engraved  by laser or pyrography. Price to be agreed.
In the attached photo you can see our model of domino game (“I Glifi”) custom on demand with engravings drawings done with laser for dominoes:

Domino "I Glifi"

Domino "I Glifi"

Wood: Oak and walnut
Size : cm 26x7xh10
Game type: double 6, 28 dominoes in walnut size cm 5×2,5 thickness cm 0,5.

The charm of numbers…

Small domino decorated by hand using the pirograph. The iscriptions represent a selection of numbers, such as 1000 or 500, as well as letters and symbols used in the Roman, Phoenician and Egyptian civilizations.

65.00 € Add
Domino C

Domino C

Wood: Chestnut and walnut
Size: cm 17x8xh32
Game type: duble 6, 28 dominoes in walnut, size cm 5×2,5 thickness cm 0,5.

Modern design…

This Domino boasts a simple design in two wood essences combined together to create an exquisite contrast.

70.00 € Add
Domino Kin

Domino Kin

Wood: oak and elm
Size: cm 18x15xh39
Game type: Double 6, 28 dominoes in two-toned maple
Size cm 5×2,5
Thickness cm 0,5

Remembering the Maya…

The sculpture features an inscription of the Mayan Solar Disk. The idea of the "Sun" conjures up the idea of the day, Kin. The tiles feature the inscription of the first six Mayan numbers, inscribed by hand using a pirograph.

220.00 € Add
Domino Mangialegno 1

Domino Mangialegno 1

Wood: oak and maple
Size: cm 25x10xh41
Game type: double 6, 28 dominoes in mapleo, size cm 5×2,5 thickness cm 0,5.

Between past and present, the new characters...

The Woodeater dominos (Mangialegno in Italian) are reminiscent of antique and modern sculptures, which combine together to create new forms and colours. The domino's shadow creates the shape of its base. The "nose" holds the titles.

215.00 € Add
Domino Mangialegno 2

Domino Mangialegno 2

Wood: beech and walnut
Size: cm 25x10xh41
Game type: double 6, 28 dominoes in walnut
Size: cm 5×2.5
Thickness cm 0.5

215.00 € Add
Domino Mangialegno 3

Domino Mangialegno 3

Wood: oak and walnut
Size: cm 25x10xh41
Game type: double 6, 28 dominoes in walnut, size: cm 5×2,5
Thickness: cm 0.5

215.00 € Add
Domino Spigolo

Domino Spigolo

Wood: chesnut and walnut
Size: cm 14x8xh30
Game type: double 6, 28 dominoes in walnut, size cm 5×2,5 thickness cm 0,5.

Angular design…

Domino characterized by accentuated lines and angles, with a lot of personality.

85.00 € Add
Domino vaso

Domino vaso

Wood: cedar
Size: cm 18x10xh24
Game type: double 9, 55 dominoes in walnut, size cm 5×2,5 thickness cm 0,5.

Fragrance and softness…

The Vase Domino is reminiscent of a sinuously shaped vase. Handcrafted in cedar, an intensely fragranced wood that lasts with time

90.00 € Add


Wood: Oak
Size: cm 30x10xh15
Game type: double 6, 28 dominoes in walnut, size: cm 5×2,5 thickness cm 0,5.

The rocking domino (from the Italian "dondolo", meaning rocker)…

The domino brings together modern, innovative form and the peculiarity of movement, hence the name. The leaf decorations are hand-inscribed using a pirograph.

60.00 € Add
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