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About us

Architect Maria Primolan and cabinet-maker Gregorio Balestra are partners in both business and life. La Raboterie is born in 1997 and is involved in crafts, sculpture, restoration and furnishing.
We offer for sale handcrafted design objects and you can see some photo galleries about custom furniture, restoration and sculptures.

The products
In our design studio-cum-workshop we produce dominoes, trangrams, clocks, furniture, bass-relief art, design objects and sculptures. Our creations are a natural outcome of our study of everyday objects, which we imbue with new meaning to make them more than simple functional or decorative elements so that they become veritable design objects with their own personality.

Dominoes and Bookend in limited numbered series. Some products are produced in limited numbered series to ensure they maintain their value and guarantee quality, original products.
The dominoes and the bookends are branded with the series and model number.

Thoughtful Design. Our designs are inspired by natura, and traditional and contemporary influences to exalt the colour and texture of the wood. We use also other materials as the Marmorina for the hand painted bass-reliefs art .

Eco-friendly Production. We use wood from Italian and European sources. Where possible we use recycled wood to reduce wastage of this precious material to a minimum.

Superior finish. All our creations are handcrafted and finished with a blend of waxes, linseed oil and shellac to ensure the finest quality.

Architect  Maria Primolan and La Raboterie by Gregorio Balestra

Trana, Turin, Piedmont, Italy

+39 3401431032 e-mail: primolanmaria@gmail.com
La Raboterie
di Gregorio Balestra, Via Ratti  8, 10090, Trana, Torino Italia
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